Route to Gunung Bromo/Mount Bromo

Route to Gunung Bromo/Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo or Gunung Bromo in a large caldera with a diameter of about 11 km with a height of 2329 meters above sea level . Surrounded by a sea of ​​sand and white smoke from the  crater will makes a spectacular sight, moreover you can also see the beauty … Read moreRoute to Gunung Bromo/Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Indonesia

Mount (Gunung) Bromo Indonesia Mount Bromo is one of the best mountains in the Indonesia. Located in the province of East Java Indonesia. The beauty of Mount Bromo is not only interest to local people,many tourists from foreign countries were visit this mount Bromo to enjoy the  sunrise scenery, Bromo crater which was still smoking … Read moreMount Bromo Indonesia

The Beauty Sunrise of Mt Bromo

Enjoy Sunrise of Mt Bromo. One of the favourite in TN BTS (Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru) is  can enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the top of Mount Bromo, Penanjakan peaks or in some other spots around this location. To see the sunrise visitors should come to view point Mount Penanjakan in early morning . … Read moreThe Beauty Sunrise of Mt Bromo